Where People Go

Genre: drama, auteur film
Duration: 95 min.
Project status: distribution
Release date: 2023
Country: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan
Languages: Russian, Kyrgyz

Producer: Akbar Kurmanbayev
Director: Shamil Dzhaparov
Director of Photography: Sapar Koichumanov, Zhorzh Khamitsky
Production Designer: Zhyrgal Matubraimov
Composer: Taalay Beysheyev
Screenwriters: Shamil Dzhaparov, Avtandil Adykulov, and Marat Alykulov
Starring: Marat Abaydilda (Kazakhstan), Ainura Kabatay kyzy (Kyrgyzstan)

‘Where people go’ is what Kyrgyz people have called a ladybug since the olden days

“Where People Go” is an auteur film by Shamil Dzhaparov who received the Main Prize + FIPRESCI Award at the International Oberhausen Short Film Festival and an award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) for outstanding contribution to cinema.

Our protagonist, Kushchu, lives high up in the mountains in a lone Kyrgyz yurt. He is a philosopher with his own worldview. She is the “Woman with a beauty mark” who lives nearby with her husband, a meteorologist called Belek, and their son whose name is also Kushchu. Many years ago, the Woman and Kushchu used to love each other but Belek kidnapped the Woman according to local traditions, and their families did not object to this marriage.

Kushchu occasionally watches the Woman through his binoculars. One day, Belek falls down unconscious due to altitude sickness. Kushchu tries to save him but Belek dies. Kushchu decides to help the Woman to bring the body down to her husband’s home village. At a first glance, the way to the village seems carefree and joyous, however, it turns out to be a serious test for both of them. “Where People Go” is a song devoted to the beauty of nature and true love. He who has lost love is always seeking to find it.

The movie was created by Atlas Entertainment film company jointly with the “T. Okeev Kyrgyzfilm” National Film Studio (Kyrgyzstan).

The movie was created by “Atlas Entertainment” film company jointly with the “T. Okeev Kyrgyzfilm” National Film Studio (Kyrgyzstan).

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