Patriots Time

“Patriots Time” is a military action film that tells the story of two brothers, who are loyally serving in the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan together, despite being in a family feud. When an international terrorist organization starts planning a series of attacks in the country, the brothers unite to save people’s lives.

Status — Production

Release — 2022

Where People Go

Fate reunites a man and a woman after many years of separation at an altitude of over four thousand meters above sea level, where people stumble on clouds. After her husband dies from altitude sickness, they will have to take his body down to a local village together and realize in the process that they never ceased loving each other.

Status — Post-production

Release — 2023


Inspired by true events, the movie “Batyr” is a riveting comedy-drama about young people who set off on a journey to fulfill the wish of a sick girl who dreams of seeing a real miracle at least once in her life. The main protagonist believes that a reportedly talking elephant Batyr from Karaganda can be this miracle.

Status — Post-production

Release — 2023

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