Genre: comedy, drama, family
Duration: 100 min.
Rated: 12+
Project status: post-production
Release date: 2023
Country: Kazakhstan

Producers: Akbar Kurmanbayev, Assel Sagi
Director: Bauyrzhan Dosmagambetov
Director of Photography: Alejandro Chavez (Mexico)
Composer: Amal Tokhtabakiyev
Screenwriters: Akbar Kurmanbayev, Yerkebulan Bekturov
Starring: Marat Abishev, Nurgul Alpysbayeva, Sanurzhan Suleimenov, Saltanat Nauruz, Farkhat Abdraimov, Tolepbergen Baisakalov

This phenomenal case served as the source of inspiration and led to the production of a contemporary film story

Batyr (July 23, 1969 — August 26, 1993) was an Indian elephant from the Karaganda zoo that had the ability to mimic the sounds of his environment, including people’s speech.


Despite this, they decide to spend several days near Batyr as they attempt to resolve personal conflicts: our protagonist Sayan will have to forgive his father, while Aisulu must come to terms with losing her parents. Friends gradually lose their belief in the “talking miracle” but accept the best sides of humanity. 

By setting off on a journey, a group of young people seeks to fulfill the wish of a critically ill girl who dreams of seeing a real miracle. The main protagonist, Aisulu, believes that an allegedly talking elephant can be such a miracle. In reality, the team faces numerous challenges: it turns out that the elephant does not talk at all, and everything points to the fact that this story was invented by an elderly watchman. 

The main antagonist in this story is not the zoo director who tries, by all possible means, to stop the young people from reaching their goal, but time, of which the girl is running out to make her wish come true. Realizing that the stakes are too high to go back, the protagonists decide to steal the elephant from the zoo.

The film is a co-production of Atlas Entertainment, Elephant Production (Kazakhstan)

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